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Revolutionizing Dealership Sales Performance

Use the power of advanced AI technologies to analyze showroom performance and customer journey throughout the sales process. Understand your salespeople, and manage and control overall customer satisfaction.

Control Your Sales Team

Stunning Results

The best way to increase your sales and increase your value


Sales script abidance rate by a salesperson who uses our system. 


Average growth in salesperson suggesstion of additional service and


Salesperson asking more questions to identify customer needs.



Sales Process Stages

Our AI service meticulously tracks every stage of the sales process, from initial customer interaction to closing the deal. Understanding these stages enables you to identify bottlenecks, optimize strategies, and ultimately boost your showroom's sales performance. 


Salesperson Adherence to Predefined Scripts

We ensure your sales team follows predefined conversation scripts consistently. By adhering to scripts, your team delivers a unified and compelling message to customers increasing the likelihood of successful interactions and closing of deals.


Mention Additional Services, Add-ons, Promotions

Encourages salespeople to upsell or cross-sell additional services, promotions, or add-ons maximizing revenue opportunities per customer interaction. 


Forbidden Words or Meanings

Prevents salespeople from using language that could be offensive, misleading, or detrimental to the sales process. By avoiding forbidden words or meanings, sales teams can maintain professionalism, build trust with prospects, and mitigate the risk of damaging the brand's reputation. 


Tone of Conversation and Addressing Customer by Name

Using the customer's name and maintaining an appropriate tone ensures a personalized and engaging interaction, fostering rapport and increasing sales potential. 



You can manage all of your salespeople and all of your showrooms in one place with informative visual reports on the most important metrics which include general metrics and individual for every salesperson, critical mistakes, dynamics for metrics. 

Old Solutions Don't Always Work

Traditional evaluation methods like supervisors or secret shoppers fall short in providing comprehensive insights to your sales team. 



Cost: $5,000+ average salary

Commitment and Risks: Contract relationships and risks

Capacity: Not able to manage the entire sales team at all times.

Control Time: Not able to control salespeople within a full day.


Secret Shopper

Cost: $100+ per assignment.

Commitment and Risks: Contract relationships and risks

Capacity: Checks only one salesperson. 

Control Time: Checks only one salesperson at one time. 

Vaccine Passport

Our Technology

Cost: $249/week per salesperson (2 weeks free trial with one month commitment). 

Commitment and Risks: Subscription model with no strings attached. 

Capacity: Unlimited amount of salespeople. 

Control Time: Full uninterrupted working day under control. 

How it Works

Salesperson wearing a badge with microphone (included)

By the end of the shift salesperson is importing records for analysis

Data analyzed and represented in the Dashboard

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United States Beta Testing


We are currently seeking U.S. automotive groups to beta test our AI technology and enhance your dealership's overall brand recognition and profitability. 

Interested? Please email us at: 
with the subject line Beta Test 

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