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Why Dealers Should Choose CSP Agency

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our coverage is extremely comprehensive and will ensure your vehicle is taken care of if/when a breakdown occurs. We pride our reputation by providing excellent customer service and seamless claims processing.

  • Flexible Options: Customers may purchase their extended warranties at the time of purchase by financing it within their loan or paying cash upfront.

  • Competitive Pricing: We cover Asian, Domestic, and European vehicles at competitive prices. We can ensure an increase in your back-end finance profitability.

  • Boosted Customer Confidence: Ensure customer satisfaction with complete ultimate warranty coverage for up to 10 years and an additional 125,000 miles. We work with your dealer service facility or any other ASE certified facility to get your customer back on the road.

  • Minimized Liability: Reduce your liability by offering extended warranties. Let us handle the responsibility of repairs, costs, and claims so you can focus on what is more important. Selling!!!

  • Increased Sales: Offering comprehensive vehicle service contracts will surely increase your overall sales and volume. People are keeping their vehicles longer and want to know they are covered if/when a breakdown happens.

  • Streamlined Claims Process: We have 45+ U.S. based claims representatives that work seamlessly with your customers and service centers to move through the claims process quickly and efficiently.

  • Strong Partnership: CSP Agency is partnered with Axiom Administrative Products giving us the opportunity to offer bumper to bumper coverage for new, pre-owned, and electric vehicles while also offering GAP insurance and additional wrap products for enhanced profitability. We are backed by Triple A insurance carriers ensuring claims payouts and company stability.

  • Transparency: Our contract is straightforward and we are always available for any dealer or customer questions that may arise. Our goal is to help individuals reduce the overall cost of owning a vehicle throughout the term of their contract.

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